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Black and white checkers burst off the floors. Small, colorful records dangle and coat the ceiling. "Twist and Shout" by The Beatles thumps and animates the shop. Red, yellow and blue twisted lollipops and gummy-bears dance with tall, narrow glass Coca-Cola bottles. Welcome to the 1950s — a 1950s candy shop, that is.

Grandma's Candy Shop at 20 Oak St. is Plattsburgh's time machine. "When you come in, and you hear the music, it brings you back to a time of simplicity," says shop-owner Josue Chanduvi.

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Many have a rough time staying warm and bracing the cold chills of the Northern winter, but imagine how people survived without the technology of today. With supermarkets, home delivery, warm coats and Netflix, bracing those winter days is less of a hassle than it was for early trappers of the North.

According to Joe Hackett, an Adirondack guide, early Northern trappers were mostly young men seeking adventure.

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As many people know, Plattsburgh is the location of the American victory in the War of 1812 Battle of Plattsburgh and now has many different monuments, such as the Thomas Macdonough Memorial, to commemorate that victory.

September 11, 1814, marks the day of the Battle of Plattsburgh victory for Americans against the British. Thomas Macdonough commanded the United States Naval Forces during the last year of the war on Lake Champlain.

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