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-Summer 2004-
Though you may feel ennui, there are some things to do in our area. Welcome to our destinations section, the home to all outdoor activities in our region.

Amorous Accommodations

If you're looking for comfort and tranquility, then this is your kind of place!

Romance awaits you at this rustic bed and breakfast.

Look Beyond the Pretty Hat

Enter the doors of Magic Hat.

Fresh creativity, unique products, and a notion to keep giving back to the community. Are you sure this is a beer company?

Ride the Countryside

Cycle the North Country

Grab your bike, strap on your helmet and get ready for adventure.

Sunfeather Soap Factory

Nature's goodness

Sunfeather makes soap fun!

You're definitely going to get wet!

Take this thrill a minute ride down the rapids and experience the Adirondacks in a whole new way!

Thrifty Travel in Toronto

Toronto on a budget.

Take a trip to Toronto and your wallet will thank you.

Land Marks

• The highest point in Vermont is the summit of Mount Mansfield, at 4,393 feet.

• Fort Ticonderoga, New York was the site of the first American victory of the American Revolution.

• Vermont's famous wildflower farm is fifteen miles south of Shelburne on US Route 7, and is the largest wildflower seed center in the East.