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-Summer 2004-
The science behind the North Country's environment. We track natural disasters, harsh weather patterns, and anything we can find about science and environment in our little world.

Atkins' cover

Is the Atkins diet the answer to America's obesity woes?

The beautiful view at Twin Valleys

Twin Valleys is more than just a pretty place!













Natural Knowledge

• Vermont's five fish hatcheries produce over ten million fish each year. The hatcheries are located in Bennington, Salisbury, Roxbury, Newark, and Grand Isle.


• Zebra mussels, a foreign mollusk native to the Caspian and Black seas of Eurasia, were first identified in the Great Lakes in 1988. In 1993 they were identified in Lake Champlain.


•The Lake Champlain Sea Grant Extension Project and New York Sea Grant have requested help from anglers in bringing in the sea lampreys, non-native parasitic fish that feed on the blood and body fluids of salmon and trout.