Voices of the Supernatural

A team explores the unexplained

Story by Alan Fanitzi

When the incident happened Jeff Stewart of the Paranormal Investigations Group of New England was on the job with the North State Paranormal Investigations (N.S.P.I.) working on a case labeled “Demonic Haunting” The location was a barley-lit hallway in a house that attached to the living room.

“I was heading back to the base when I heard, ‘Owww!’” says Stewart. Following this was a large crash. Jeff had, at first, thought the investigator had fallen. But this was not the case.  An unknown force had thrown the 200-pound investigator to the ground. After reviewing the tapes, it was clear that something supernatural was at hand.

Jeff EMF

Jeff Stewart of the Paranormal Investigators of New England takes an EMF basereading.

Photo courtesy of Paranormal Investigators of New England

“I saw him fly three feet in the air, land a good foot and a half from where he was, and belly flop.”

“I saw him fly three feet in the air, land a good foot and a half from where he was, and belly flop,” says Stewart. According to the N.S.P.I., even after a priest blessed the house, the things that happened in the home still occur to this day, like a shaking bed, voices, and sudden temperature changes.  Although shocking, these events occur from time to time in the N.S.P.I.’s line of work.

Have you been experiencing things you can’t explain? Maybe you’ve been hearing some strange noises around the house, or seen the lights randomly flicker on and off, or maybe you’ve seen a ghostly object hover over your bed. If this is the case, who you gonna call?

Not the Ghostbusters, because they’re not real, and the eighties passed by a long time ago.  But you could call the North State Paranormal Group, a non-profit organization and Vermont and Upstate New York’s go-to paranormal investigation group. The team is composed of skilled investigators, researchers, a psychic, and a tech specialist. They have investigated popular local spots such as Cherry Hill and The American Legion in Plattsburgh, N.Y.

Located on Bradford Road in Plattsburgh N.Y, North State Paranormal Investigation isn’t that much different than the Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi channel. The biggest difference between the N.S.P.I. and the Ghost Hunters is that Ghost Hunters can be watched on TV.

“We refuse to do TV shows because they are not what we are about,” says Nicole Croskey, the owner of N.S.P.I. The group has done some radio shows in the past and has been contacted by people world-wide regarding paranormal activity.

Armed with an urge to explore the supernatural side of things, Corey Coskey, a man with a heart for helping people, founded the N.P.S.I.

“We are a group that wants to help people experiencing the paranormal in their home and expect nothing in return”, says Craig Roberts, who is the now the team’s current lead investigator.  

The N.P.S.I.’s formula is pretty basic. Anyone who experiences a ghostly sight, moving objects, mysterious smells, voices, or any other paranormal event they can’t explain can call the phone number, or fill out an online request and, when they get a chance, the N.P.S.I. will send two of their people to the location to gather the 411 as to what the situation is at the site.

“We pretty much invade the house.”

After that comes some more housekeeping business, one of their researchers is sent to the find out if anything out of the ordinary has happened at the site, like murders or suicides.


Green Mountion Cemetery in Vermont

Photo courtesy of Paranormal Investigators of New England

The supernatural is not the cause of all ghostly occurrences; sometimes human error is to blame. “We get cases that that can be solved very easily, being documented are simple things like a door handle not latching or a window that is not locking properly. The first thing N.S.P.I. does is to try and disprove any paranormal activity before the investigation continues any further says Croskey.”

When that’s completed, and the team cannot find a logical explanation as to what’s going on at the location, 22 N.S.P.I. paranormal investigators show up on site. “We pretty much invade the house,” says Croskey.

During the investigation, monitoring equipment records any activity that takes place in every room on location.  If there is any type of paranormal entity, visible or not, there’s no place for it to hide.

“We basically use all of our equipment to look for high EMF readings which could mean that an entity is emitting a high energy field; take photos throughout the home; and do EVP sessions where we would try to get a response which would be heard on playback,” says Roberts.

“Sometimes a case can get much more involved to where we have to call in a priest to bless the home.”

After the investigation the team analyzes all the data collected and creates a report for the property owner. An important aspect of N.S.P.I.’s investigations is the high-tech gadgets the team uses. Without them, tracking down anything paranormal would be really hard, unless, of course, whatever it is the team is trying to track down wants itself to be noticed.

”We don’t have three nice vans with our logo on it like (Ghost Hunters),” says Roberts, but included in their arsenal of ghost hunting gadgets are IR cameras, monitors, a DVR system, 2-way radios, electromagnetic field meters, digital voice recorders and a video camera.

Roberts says that even with all the hi-tech gadgets and the army of investigators, it doesn’t all end happily. “Sometimes a case can get much more involved to where we have to call in a priest to bless the home. Sometimes we may have to refer someone to a professional counselor, or sometimes, just when we thought all was good at a home and we got rid of the bothersome apparitions from a home, all of a sudden things start going bump in the night again!”

Have you seen anything supernatural lately?