Summer 2004

Amorous Accommodations

Just one night here will bring out the Romeo or Juliet in you.

By Megan McIntyre
Photos by Christopher Feltman


The picturesque front of the lodge

Welcome to Point Au Roche!

When most people think of romantic bed and breakfasts, they don’t think of log cabins or wildlife. Those people have never been to the Point Au Roche Lodge in Plattsburgh. The lodge, which is located on Point Au Roche Road, is a striking fixture in the Plattsburgh landscape. The two-story wood lodge has eight differently themed rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, breathtaking open-air living area and a quaint breakfast room. The lodge was built in 1994 by Nancy Freeland and her husband Raymond. But on April 23, 2004, the lodge changed hands and was sold to Karen and Creston Billings, who have some big plans for this rustic bed and breakfast.

The rooms

There are four rooms on each floor, each with it’s own separate theme. I had the pleasure of staying in the Weaver room, a south of the border flavored suite with a bed as fluffy as a cloud and as large as a house. Each room comes with its own private bath and you may choose a room with either a king size bed, a queen size bed, or twin beds. Four of the eight rooms come with a gas fireplace and a two-person whirlpool Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi was perhaps my favorite part of the whole lodge. In the Weaver, the Jacuzzi is situated right by your first-floor window, so you get an unrivaled view of the mountains as you sit in your tub, jets massaging your worries away. Each room also has a private balcony overlooking the Green Mountains of Vermont, or the steely waters of Lake Champlain.

Each of the rooms has its own charm. The Weaver is decorated with Spanish tiles, woven blankets, a light wood bed and that comfortable Jacuzzi with a view. The bed offered me the most blissful and uninterrupted sleep of my adult life. This is the perfect room for those couples that don’t consider frills, flowers, and an array of pinks as a romantic atmosphere. The room itself is more exotic, with soul-warming Mexican flair.

Furniture to come

The Billings are still waiting to receive their furniture for the main room. Right now they must make do with a piano, a stereo, some couches and chairs.


Next on our tour of the first floor is the Hunter room. This room is a very simple and classic one. The floors are hardwood and the room itself is cream, which adds an interesting contrast in hues. The focal point of this room is the bed, which is a four poster, wrought iron extravaganza; a piece of art in it's own respect.

Our next room, The Angler is an interesting room in the lodge, simply for it's decoration scheme. The room is a tribute to fishing, and everything from the stuffed fish on the wall, to the linens on the bed represents that. This is the only handicap accessible room in the lodge. With it's carpeted floors, wooden accents, birch-bark curtain rods and fishing theme, this is definitely the most rustic room in the lodge.

The final room on the fourth floor is the Flower room. If you think that romance means flowers and gauzy curtains, then this is the room for you. Like the Weaver, this is one of the luxury suites meaning it contains both a fireplace and Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi itself is a gigantic pink tub, complete with faucets that run like waterfalls. Of all the rooms, this is the one with the largest Jacuzzi. The theme in this room, obviously, is flowers, so everything from the carpet to the curtains is covered in green and pink flowers. A magnificent four poster bed of pink-hued wood stands in the center of the room, with the large fireplace next to it. This room brings to mind the Victorian era, and a plush green fainting couch next to the Jacuzzi enhances this image.

fainting couch

This Victorian fainting couch captures the elegance of the Flower room.

As we head on up to the second floor, we encounter the Toymaker room. This room is cheerful and almost childlike in it's decorations, with bright blue carpet and walls to match. The fireplace is the centerpiece in this room, literally, as it sticks out in the direct center of the room, right in front of the Jacuzzi. Antique toys line the shelves above the fireplace and the four poster bed is reminiscent of a picket fence.

The Quilter is up next and the unique feature with this room is the twin brass beds and sunny yellow walls. This is the most old-fashioned of all the rooms, with lacy curtains on the windows and antique quilts on the bed. An antique rocking chair with a child's doll sits next to the sliding glass doors, and a loveseat takes up the far corner of the room.


As you approach the lodge, your breath really will be taken away!

Next on the list is the Gardener room which, unfortunately, we weren't able to view because a guest was staying in it at the time of our visit. Karen told us that the room was carpeted and the walls were a pastel green. The room is also laid out exactly like the Angler, which is directly below it. A queen-sized brass bed takes up most of this tranquil room.

And finally there is the Planter room. This is the most richly colored room, with elegant burgundy walls and plush carpet that you will sink right into. Vaulted ceilings give this room the illusion of being the largest, and brick and marble accents on the fireplace and Jacuzzi really enhance that lush illusion. The four-poster, carved wood bed makes this room worth taking a peek at. Says Karen, "The Planter is most definitely my favorite room here." The one possible downfall of this room is the Jacuzzi. It's the smallest of all of the luxury suites, but it still has ample room for at least one person. Fitting in someone else might be a tight squeeze though.

The main lodge

Your first step into the lodge will take your breath away. Cathedral ceilings, giant picture windows, a spiral wooden staircase, flagstone fireplace, a suspended wooden catwalk, and indoor balcony are just a few of the amenities. A piano sits in one corner, with sheet music laying in wait for someone to play. The fireplace crackles merrily, a perfect spot to watch the shadow of the flames on the huge stone hearth. If bird-watching is your interest, travel up the winding wood staircase and venture across the suspended wood catwalk towards the picture windows. Two wicker chairs sit on a small outdoor balcony, and are the perfect place to settle in with your binoculars and spot birds like the chickadee or cardinal.


The catwalk spanning the second floor is one of the best parts of the lodge.

Rise and shine

The Point Au Roche Lodge isn’t just any old lodge; it’s a bed and breakfast! And the breakfast won’t leave you disappointed. The breakfast room itself is set up to be a cross between a cozy country kitchen and a classic Victorian breakfast nook. The wooden tables, rustic wallpaper, and country paintings mix beautifully with the delicate china displayed in the ornate cabinets. The picture windows along the back wall of the room offer diners with one of the best views of the Point Au Roche State Park.

The Billings plan on serving their guests the most sumptuous fare, and since Creston used to be a chef, you can bet it will be tasty! On top of bringing a great breakfast to their guests, the Billings are also trying to start serving dinners as well. But according to Creston this probably won't start until the first of the year. One thing's for certain, no matter what you eat here, you won't go hungry. The Billings like to shake up the menu for their guests who stay multiple days, so expect to see anything from Eggs Benedict to Texas French Toast, served alongside the usual sides of yogurt, fruit cups, sausage, and bacon.


The lodge is next to the Point Au Roche State Park, where, in the summer, you can picnic, bike, lay on the beach, hike, explore the fully-staffed nature center, swim, fish, or boat. Just make sure you bring your boat and fishing rod, as the park does not provide you with them. In the winter there is, of course, skiing at all the nearby mountains or putting the park’s trails to use for a little cross-country skiing. No matter what the season, the lodge is just minutes away from an exciting and fun-filled day.


The great flagstone fireplace is the centerpiece of the main room.

For romance, the lodge cannot be beat. The gentle lighting of the fireplace is nice to snuggle up to that special someone with. Each room also comes with two wine glasses, and I strongly advise lovebirds to take advantage of them and head to the nearest wine store for something to fill them up with. There is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset from your private balcony while sipping on Chardonnay or champagne. A good suggestion for couples wanting to plan a special anniversary is to order a meal from a great restaurant in Plattsburgh, like Giovanni’s. Get it to go and then grab yourself a bottle of wine and head to your room. Now you have a wonderful romantic dinner, a great view, and an even better room to enjoy with your significant other on your special day. But when the Billings start putting their dinner plan into action, you won't even have to leave the Lodge to get romantic. In fact, they are even applying for a liquor license so that they can serve you up a bottle of wine with your romantic dinner. But until then, the above suggestion is a great alternative.

Future Plans

For the moment, Creston and Karen are just trying to get in the swing of things at the Lodge. But they have a lot of plans to get them on the map. Says Creston, "We'd like to reintroduce weddings and business meetings in the afternoons. We'd really like to rent the whole place out so that a group can have their own little party and run of the place to do as they wish. We can only do that if a group rents out all eight rooms though. Otherwise they might disturb other visitors."

They also plan on turning an old TV room into a possible library or private dinner room for their guests. But until they get to that time when they can complete their dreams for the lodge, they are content to just try to get everything in order, and make sure you have the best possible stay.

The Point Au Roche Lodge really does have something for everyone. There’s a little bit of romance, some hearty cuisine, wonderful room designs, comfortable beds, and a whole lot of things to do! And the price is affordable. So if you’re looking for the perfect getaway that has everything and won’t break your bank account, head over to the Point Au Roche Lodge and start enjoying all they have to offer.

Think you know a more romantic getaway? Tell us where!

Additional Info

The Point Au Roche Lodge is located at 463 Point Au Roche Road in Plattsburgh NY.

Rates vary from $85.00 to $135.00 for double occupancy or $65.00 to $100.00 for single occupancy. For each additional person it’s $15.00.

Reservations are recommended, especially in the summer months. A $75.00 deposit is required to reserve a room.

No pets are allowed

The lodge is also happy to host special events such as wedding receptions, birthdays, reunions, or conferences.

For reservations call Creston and Karen Billings at (518)-563-8714 or email them at

Visit the lodge's website for more details on upcoming improvements and future plans.












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