My Big Fat Greek Kitchen... II

My Greek Kitchen II is the perfect place for a taste of the Pantheon in Plattsburgh

Story and photos by Mike O'Brien

outside My Greek Kitchen II
My Greek Kitchen II is located in Plattsburgh Plaza, between Big Lots and the Greyhound Bus Station.

If you're in the North Country, it's not exactly easy to just pack up and travel to Athens. Bummer, huh? There are a ton of historic sights, such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Acropolis, and the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, whose waters are an enchanting shade of blue that we Americans (minus Hawaiians, of course) seem to be too dirty to have for ourselves. But hey, if you can't go to Greece, fear not because Greece can come to you. Well, sort of.

One night, two of my friends and I decide to check out Plattsburgh's resident Greek restaurant—My Greek Kitchen II. We walk into what appears to be a diner, complete with stools, a �Pepsi� mini-fridge, and pita bread pizzas. But a few steps later, we were in the dining room.

dining room
The spacious dining room is very inviting.

With only a handful of tables, the dining room is very spacious and open. The noticeable contrast between the yellow sponged walls and the dimmed lights also make it a very inviting atmosphere and even a bit romantic, if you're there with someone other than your same-sex roommate.

The service is impeccable; our waitress is very attentive, and comes over to us immediately. We get our drinks and decide to try appetizers. My roommate Jon, whose father is from Greece, gets all Greek, ordering saganaki, which the menu calls "rich cheese broiled and flambéed with ouzo for a flaming presentation." He also orders for us pita bread with tzatziki, a sauce made of yogurt, cucumber, and onion. I am morally opposed to mayonnaise and anything that resembles it in any way, so I steer clear of the tzatziki. But the saganaki is amazing. The waitress brings it over, douses it in ouzo, a traditional Greek liquor, and sets it on fire. I love cheese and infernos, so this is my favorite part of the meal. Hot and somewhat melting, the saganaki is absolutely delicious.

specials board
Mousaka, an eggplant dish, is one of My Greek Kitchen II's daily specials.

Next, the waitress brings out salads, a step down from the flaming saganaki. The lettuce looks is almost wilting, and the salad is completely drenched in oil. If I were to go back, I would make a point to ask for dressing on the side, as they douse the salad in olive oil to the point that it's practically soaking wet and inedible.

After what seems like five minutes, our entrées come out. Falafel isn't exactly Greek, but I don't get many opportunities to eat it, so I ordered it anyway. I'm pleased with my choice. The falafel balls, which are deep-fried chickpea patties, aren't the best I've ever had, but they are good, regardless. They're cooked just right, but they don't come with very much—just lettuce and tomatoes. More vegetables would be nice; however, I appreciate that the good people of My Greek Kitchen II didn't apply any tzatziki for me.

Jon isn't fully impressed with his souvlaki, but since he's eaten real Greek food, he may have a bias. If you, too, have seen the sunset at Mykonos, don't bother coming to My Greek Kitchen II because you'll only be disappointed. However, if you've never been to Greece, and have no idea how to pronounce "tzatziki," My Greek Kitchen II is a good choice. The food is moderately priced—my falafel plate cost only about $11—and tasty enough. It's not the most delicious food ever cooked, but it's a lot more than I would expect from a restaurant that shares a wall with a Greyhound station.

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My Greek Kitchen II

17 Plattsburgh Plaza
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

(518) 563-6898

Open daily
10 a.m.-10 p.m.

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