The Plattsburgh Homestead

Come for the best breakfast in the North Country

Story and photos by Mike O'Brien

A bit informal for the word “restaurant,” the Plattsburgh Homestead is more like a diner with kitchen motif. Everything about the small, red house–from the name, to the super friendly service, to the linoleum tile floor–suggests good old- fashioned home cooking. I’m sure she’s a nice lady and all, but your mom has got nothing on the Homestead.

The front of the the Homestead on a Sunday morning
The Plattsburgh Homestead is located at 364 Tom Miller Road.
Located right outside the center of Plattsburgh, the Homestead is an extremely popular eatery. If you go on a Sunday morning, it will be absolutely mobbed; but don’t let the crowds discourage you! The service is lightning quick and the staff is very good at keeping everything moving, so don’t expect much of a wait. This past weekend, my friends and I went there, and while there seemed to be a line out the door, it was a bit of an optical illusion as we were seated in about four minutes.

Once you are escorted to your table, you get a menu, which couldn’t be more delightful because while the food is cheap as dirt, it couldn’t possibly taste less like it. The menu has food such as sandwiches, hamburgers, and macaroni and cheese. I would recommend you save all that stuff for your next trip to the deli because The Homestead’s main focus, not to mention specialty, is their breakfast food.

In my opinion, the Homestead’s main draw is their “value meals.” Various combinations of pancakes, sausage, bacon, home fries, hash, coffee, not to mention any style of eggs, will run you no more than $5. Personally, I’m a big fan of the #7: a plate of hash, fluffy scrambled eggs, and two toasted slices of The Homestead's very own homemade bread.

Usually when you order, your waitress will confirm whether or not you want the bread. You do. If you’re on the Atkins diet and can’t eat bread, stop being on the Atkins diet. The bread is really that good.

The Homestead answers the age old question: Coke or Pepsi?
The Homestead's sign
And since you quit the Atkins diet to have some of the Homestead’s amazing homemade toast, you might as well go all out. On days other than Sunday, the busiest day of the week, they have a huge assortment of just about every kind of pie imaginable. Apple pie, cherry pie, coconut pie–it’s all there. I’m not much of a pie person, myself, but my ambitious friend Jon, whose goal is to try all of them, says, "Not to sound too corny, but the pie at Homestead, especially the raspberry, is really a slice of heaven."

At the end of the day, whether you eat the pie, the eggs, the pancakes or all of the above, it won’t really matter too much. No matter what you order, you and your wallet will not be sorry because The Homestead has the best breakfast around.

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Tell us!

The Plattsburgh Homestead
364 Tom Miller Road
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday: 5am-8pm
Sunday: 7:30am-Noon

(518) 563-4452

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